ABout Us

Its all about creating & delivering value from Data, Analytics and Insights


inGenious inSight was founded by Peter Inge in 2019.  Peter has spent 20 years in the data, analytics & insights space as a Director at EY, as well as an executive in multi-national organisations including Caltex and SAI Global.  Peter has successfully built, deployed and managed Data, Analytics and Insights capabilities from the ground up.  This includes designing the strategies, developing people, deploying advanced technologies and refining high performance operating models.  

At inGenious inSight we believe that there is tremendous opportunity for value creation from the advances in Big Data, Machine Learning, AI and other emerging technologies.  However, that the promises of these technologies in delivering ROI in the commercial world has been underwhelming.

At inGenious inSight we help organisations build, deploy, manage and leverage advanced and emerging technologies in Data & Analytics in way that focuses on creating & delivering true quantifiable ROI.