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AI Strategy 

"Build your AI vision and start your AI journey"

Leverage Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive technologies to transform your business

Are you a business that is thinking differently about your future and how you can leverage transformative technologies to reshape your business, create new avenues for value creation, create new blue oceans, or stave-off the market & competitive threats?   Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies provide significant potential for any organisation.  Are looking to:

  • Understand how AI could help your business in the future?

  • Pilot or incubate AI & Cognitive Technologies in your business?

  • Build an AI Vision & Strategy for your business?

  • Accelerate your AI program at your business? 

inGenious.AI.Strategy is designed to help businesses create a Vision for AI, incubate the high-Value potential AI uses cases and then scale your AI strategy & program when the time is right for your business.

inGenious inSight AI Strategy is a methodology that has been developed to help organisations create a Vision for AI, incubate AI & Cognitive Technology use cases and then move into a strategic development and deployment phase.  

inGenious inSight AI Strategy Framework


AI Incubator

Developing your AI strategy starts with an AI Incubator, consisting of the 4 outlined steps.

The Incubator is designed to identify and understand how AI & Cognitive technologies could be most effectively integrated into your business to enable new strategic opportunities, deliver on strategic priorities, manage principle risks or challenge competitive threats

1. AI Vision

Develop a compelling vision for how AI will transform your business in the future.

AI Vision includes developing objectives & goals for how AI & Cognitive technologies will support the strategic growth of the business

AI Vision includes enhanced Insight generation for decision support, Automation of Process and new AI-enabled Products to create new markets and new customers

2. AI Value Propositions

With a clear understanding of how you want AI & Cognitive technologies to impact your business, we developed a series of achievable value propositions that can be Piloted for value creation in your business 

Identify AI & Cognitive Technology based initiatives that can be Piloted for value creation in your business

3. AI.Pilot

Rapid cycle piloting of AI & Cognitive technologies in your business.  We follow our inSight Management Methodology for Piloting to ensure that we focus on delivering Pilots end-to-end.  That means from Value Proposition to value creation 

Deliver specific focused Pilot initiatives end-to-end with your business 

4. AI Ethics

Establish your framework and understanding for how your organisation will leverage AI & Cognitive technologies ethically  

Post incubation we move into strategy development.  This follows the standard inGenious.Strategy for Analytics & Insights methodology.  This is tailored to the specific needs of the AI & Cognitive technology program being pursued.  This would typically be integrated with your existing Analytics & Insights program 

NOTE:  If an Organisation does not have an existing Analytics & Insights capability then AI & Cognitive technologies is not the right entry point 

Pillar 1

Strategic Alignment

Pillar 1 of the Framework ensures that a clear understanding of the organisations Strategic Priorities, Principle Risks and Competitive Threats is developed.  With a clear understanding of how the organisation is looking to create value Pillar 1 identifies, evaluates, assesses & prioritises Analytic & Insight-driven value propositions.  These Value Proposition are the basis for aligning People, Data, Technology & Operating models for your strategy and program. 

Strategic Priorities | Principle Risks | Competitive Threats --> Strategically Aligned Value Propositions --> AI based Value-Creating Initiatives

Pilar 2

People Capability

Ensure that you have the right skills and capabilities to deliver the Value Propositions identified in Pillar 1.  If you don’t have the right skills in-house then identify what gaps exist and how they can be addressed.  Outline a future-state organisation structure for your AI capability.

People are the most important ingredient to a successful program

Pillar 3

Data Maturity

Understand the availability & quality of data assets within your organisation, as well as the maturity of data management and governance.  We also understand the Volume, Velocity, Variability & Veracity of the data assets you have available to required support your Value propositions.

Focus on management of the Data that matters

Pillar 4

Technology Needs

Ensure that you have the right technologies in place to support and sustainably deploy AI & Cognitive technologies within your business.  Establish the technologies & technology partnerships you need to deliver your AI value propositions.

Ensure that you right-size and right-time your investment in AI & Cognitive Technologies

Pillar 5

Operating Model

Ensure that you have the right Target Operating Models and Governance Structures in place to integrate and manage your AI program.

Establish the right operating model to support the effective delivery of your AI-based value propositions

Identify how to most effectively integrate and manage AI & Cognitive technologies in your business


3 Horizons of Growth

We define 3 Horizons of Growth across Strategy, Data, Operations, Technology and People, the Horizons include:

Horizon 1 (months 0-6): Establish the foundations of your AI program​

Horizon 2 (months 6-18): Enable  adoption and value creation through AI & Cognitive Technologies

Horizon 3 (months 18+): Embed  a AI-driven capabilities into the DNA of your organisation

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