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Analytics & Insights Strategy

"Build, Deploy and Scale a high-performance Analytics and Insights capability in your business"

Leverage Data & Analytic driven Insight to enhance decision-making and super-charge value creation in your Business 

Are you looking to:​

  • Build an Analytics & Insights strategy for your business?

  • Reinvigorate your existing Analytics & Insights strategy to improve performance?

  • Scale your existing Analytics & Insights program?

  • Review your existing Strategy or Program against our better practise methodology?

Through our extensive experience, better practise methodologies and frameworks inGenious inSight is ideally positioned to help you with any of these areas.​

"Our difference ... Our team brings many years of real-world experience in building & deploying Analytics & Insights strategies, as well as operating & managing high-performance & high-value Insights programs"

inGenious inSight Analytics & Insight Strategy is a methodology that has been developed over many years and through many iterations with real commercial organisations.  The methodology has 5 core pillars and culminates in a Three Horizon based roadmap for implementation. 

inGenious inSight Analytics & Insights Strategic Framework


Pillar 1

Strategic Alignment

Pillar 1 of the Framework develops a clear understanding of the organisations Strategic Priorities, Principle Risks and Competitive Threats.  With a clear understanding of how the organisation is looking to create value, Pillar 1 identifies, evaluates, assesses & prioritises Analytic & Insight-driven value propositions.  These Value Proposition are the basis for aligning People, Data, Technology & Operating models for your strategy and program. 

Strategic Priorities | Principle Risks | Competitive Threats --> Strategically Aligned Value Propositions --> Insights based Value-Creating Initiatives

Pilar 2

People Capability

Ensure that you have the right skills and capabilities to deliver the Value Propositions identified in Pillar 1.  If you don’t have the right skills in-house then identify what gaps exist and how they can be addressed.  Outline a future-state organisation structure for your Analytics & Insights capability.

People are the most important ingredient to a successful program

Pillar 3

Data Maturity

Understand the availability & quality of data assets within your organisation, as well as the maturity of data management and governance.  We also understand the Volume, Velocity, Variability & Veracity of the data assets you have available to required support your Value propositions.

Focus on management of the Data that matters

Pillar 4

Technology Needs

Ensure that you have the right Technologies in place to empower your People, support your Data assets, enable various levels of Analytical complexity, sustainably deploy insights and enable an optimal insight experience for decision-makers.  Establish the technologies you need to deliver your value propositions.

Ensure that you right-size and right-time your investment

Pillar 5

Operating Model

Ensure that you have the right Target Operating Models and Governance Structures in place to manage your program and deliver ROI.

Establish the right operating model to support the effective delivery of your value propositions

There are many different operating models available, implementing the one that is right for your program is essential to your success


3 Horizons of Growth

We define 3 Horizons of Growth across Strategy, Data, Operations, Technology and People, the Horizons include:

Horizon 1 (months 0-6): Establish the foundations of your program​

Horizon 2 (months 6-18): Enable  adoption and value creation 

Horizon 3 (months 18+): Embed  a data, analytics and insight-driven culture into the DNA of your organisation

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