Data Strategy


"A Product Strategy for your Data Assets"

Create commercial value through the  monetization of your Data assets

Are you realising the full value potential from the Data your business produces and owns?

We are often asked by businesses:

  • Is our Data valuable?

  • How much is our Data worth?

  • Could we monetize our Data assets?

  • How would we monetize our Data assets? 

inGenious.Data.Strategy is a program that identifies Data assets of value within your business and turns those assets into profitable commercial products that can be sold to target markets. 

"Discover new value in your existing assets ...  Monetize your Data"

inGenious inSight Data Strategy is a methodology that has been developed to help organisations realise untapped value from the Data assets that they own.  We are focused on helping you identify assets of value, understand the value of those assets and then help you develop a product that you can take to the market to monetize your Data assets.

inGenious inSight Data Strategy Framework


Phase 1: Data Product Strategy

Data Product Strategy

We start by building your Data Product Strategy.  We commence with understanding what Data Assets you have and what might be of value. 

We then move through a series of phases to assess the "factors of value" to determine how valuable your data may be to potential target markets. 


In Phase 1: We build you a Data Product Strategy 

1. Asset Discovery

In Asset Discovery we perform discovery on your data assets and business operations to understand what Data Assets you have,  ownership structures related that data and triage it for sensitivity, compliance and regulation requirements

Discover the Assets worth investigating  

2. Asset Valuation

In Asset Valuation we work through the factors of value for identified assets.  We assess potential buyer needs related to data granularity, reliability, specificity, velocity & history.  We assess your (seller) value proposition in terms of uniqueness, reproducibility, lifetime value.     

Assess the value of your data to potential buyers

3. Market Analysis

In Market Analysis we analyse the existing market place to understand competition, market saturation, addressable market, market growth, market demand and market pricing related to your potential data products.

Assess market competition, pricing, demand and potential for scale

4. Differentiation & Augmentation

With an understanding of the Value proposition, buyer needs, seller difference and market conditions we need to understand if/how the data asset needs to be augmented, enriched, secured or protected to increase the value and market potential for the product.  

Phase 2: Product Specification & Development

Data Product Development

With a solid product strategy, we start to focus on the elements of Product Development.  This focuses on how we most effectively develop your data product, operational support model and commercial model and go-to-market 

Build your product and take it to market

5. Technology

Based on the outlined objective of the Data Strategy identify the most appropriate technologies to build the Data Product.  This includes understanding the full Data Lifecycle from Asset production through to sales, storage, archival and more.

Identify the right technical solution design to develop and take your product to market 

6. Cost & Price

Develop full-cost models for the development and support of your product.  Based on comprehensive bottom up cost models develop the pricing & licensing model that is right for your product and your market.

Get the cost right and get the price right

7. Go-To-Market

Build your Go-To-Market strategy including how you will brand and market your product and how your communicate your unique value proposition to your target markets 


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