We help commercial organisations build and deploy Analytics, Insights, AI, IoT based solutions for real value creation

Whether you are looking to get better insights through simple dashboarding or you are looking to leverage Machine Learning, AI or IoT, inGenious inSights and our partner providers can help your deploy & implement a solution that we will meet your business needs.  Our execution strategy is based on the Insights Value Chain which is a comprehensive end-to-end life cycle outlining how to deliver maximum impact and value creation for your initiative.   At inGenious inSight we have delivered, managed and overseen hundreds of Insights initiatives throughout our careers and our proprietary Insights Management methodology (based on the Insights Value Chain) has been used many times to deliver significant value creation for different organisations.


Descriptive Insights

What happened in the Past


Descriptive Insights provides insight into historical events, operations and performance.  Descriptive Insights can be a significant first step in creating an Insight-driven organisation.  ​

Are you looking to:

  • Integrate data from a multitude of different sources into a single location for easy reporting and exploration?

  • Build dashboards for your Key Performance Indicators?

  • Provide a  drill-down and exploration capability into your operational, customer, financial or other  Data?

  • Build customer Data visualization experiences for your business?


inGenious inSight has extensive experience building reporting, dashboards and data visualisations for commercial organisations.


Diagnostic Insights

Understand and Explain Why Things happen

Diagnostic Insights​ leverages statistical modelling & inference to understand the root causes of why things happen, this includes:

  • Causal factors of outcomes - this includes a series of statistical methods to identify root causes or probable factors that contribute to specific issues.  Diagnostic Insights includes finding key relationships and patterns in data that are indicators of growth, decline, risk of an adverse event occurring.

  • Anomalous behaviour and Outliers - this includes statistical methods to identify unusual behaviours to diagnose and remediate root causes.

  • Performance of campaigns and interventions - this includes Experimental design, AB testing, causal impact and other methods of diagnosing the performance of strategic and tactical interventions. 

inGenious inSight has extensive experience in performing Insight Analysis for the purposes of root-cause analysis and understanding of performance.


Predictive Insights

Predict & Forecast what is likely to happen in the future

Predictive Insights leverages Machine Learning to Predict OR Forecast probable outcomes in future time horizons.  Predictive Insights drive proactive business interventions to achieve successful business outcomes.

Some of the critical use-cases we have worked on include:

  • Customer Churn 

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Product recommendation

  • Price Optimisation

  • Predicting Project Write-offs

  • Predicting Market movements - Trading

  • much more

inGenious inSight Predictive Insights is one of our key and most impactful service offerings.  If you are looking to accelerate value creation, Predictive Insights could be what you need.


Prescriptive Insights

Prescribe optimal outcomes for your business decision making

Prescriptive Insights leverages Mathematical Optimisation and Simulation to configure optimal planning and scenarios to maximise performance, profit, reduce cost, risk or other critical metrics in your business.  If you are looking to optimise:

  • Workforce​

  • Supply chain

  • Production

  • Rostering 

  • more

inGenious inSight and our network of providers can help you achieve your goals in prescriptive analytics

In addition to Insight Solutions, we also provide capabilities in Automation and in IoT based technologies. If you are looking to 



Tech & AI-enabled automation of key business processes 

Do you have highly repetitive time-consuming tasks currently being complete by humans?  Are you looking at ways to automate these processes to free valuable resources to focus their attention on value-creating tasks?


Through AI.Automate we explore how techniques like Robotic Process Automation and code-driven automation to automate those time-consuming, low-value tasks your staff spend far too much time on. 


IoT Driven Insight

Leverage IoT devices to create real-time data streams and real-time insights for your business 

The Internet of Things (IoT) will change the world, and they are already starting to make a significant impact.  


If you require constant, real-time monitoring of critical assets and processes, then IoT sensors coupled with our Insight capabilities could transform the way you manage the performance, safety and health of your business.

inGenious inSight and our partner network can help you understand how IoT and Insights could help your business.