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Learn how to deliver successful Analytics-powered Insight Initiatives in your Business  

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the inSight.Manager is the role in your organisation that can deliver Analytics & Insights powered initiatives all the way from Great Idea to Sustainable Value creation.  They balance deep-technical capability with strategic & commercial acuity to deliver high-impact outcomes from your business. 

In this course, learn how to deliver Analytics-powered Insight initiatives end-to-end within your business for true value creation.

Delivering real value from Analytics-powered insight in a commercial organisation requires significantly more than a high performing model. Our inSight.Manager course takes you well beyond the traditional analytics lifecycle and provides a detailed roadmap of how to navigate the complex portfolio organisational stakeholders, decision-makers and processes that need to be aligned to achieve a successful outcome from your investment in Analytics.

This includes how to engage different stakeholders across the business, achieve sustainable deployment, achieve business adoption, provide "real" measurement and drive continuous improvement for your initiative and the business.

Module 1:  The inSights Value Chain

In Module 1, we take you through the high-level end-to-end life cycle of designing an Analytics-powered  Insights strategy and deploying and managing a successful & profitable program.  We provide definition and insight into some of the key things you will need to understand.  We also provide an overview of the responsibilities and qualities an AI / Analytics / Insights leader will need to have 

Module 1 classes:

  • the Insights Value Chain end-to-end overview

  • Broken Links - why the Insight Value Chain is critically important

  • Analytic Translation 

  • Being a HIgh Impact Leader in a high-performance team

Module 2 - ALIGN: Achieving Strategic Alignment

In the Align Module, you learn to how strategically, tactically, and operationally align your Value Proposition and frame them in relevant commercial terms.

The Align Domain is designed to ensure that your initiative is fit-for-the-business, has a clear definition of value, and that key stakeholders are aligned, supportive, and aware of their responsibilities/accountabilities

Module 2 classes:

  • Strategic Alignment through Commercial Value Framing - Going Bottom Up or Top Down 

  • Developing Value Propositions for your Initiative

  • Evaluating your Value Propositions

  • Prioritising your Value Propositions

Module 3 -  DEFINE: Structured problem framing for Analytics & Insights

In the Define Module, you learn how your Value Proposition is abstracted to a level of detail to make it implementable within the existing business model. You learn how to turn value propositions into Value-Creating Initiatives.   We teach you methods for developing supported arguments, supporting analyses (as and when required to support arguments) and how to assess the initiatives needs across data, people, technology, and processes.

Module 3 classes:

  • Structured decomposition of Value Propositions using inGenious Logic Trees (Arguments, Premises, Junctures)

  • Developing & Assessing Value Hypothesis for your initiative

  • Defining Analytics-powered Value-Creating Initiatives (VCI)

  • Evaluating & Prioritising Value-Creating Initiatives

  • Interview techniques - How to effectively  interview business stakeholders 

Module 4:  Plan & Design: Right-sizing your insight initiative

In the Plan & Design Module, you learn a method for the rigorous planning and design of your proposed Value-Creating Initiative.  You will learn to map decision chains and perform data discovery. We provide frameworks for ideating on analytical approaches and how to design interfaces.


You will learn processes for working with IT to define the required infrastructure for both production & consumption. We also outline how to design your initial benefits and measurement framework.


We also introduce a project planning for method of "Agile for Analytics"

Module 4 classes:

  • Mapping Decision Chains - Map the chain of decisions from Output to Outcome

  • Fit-For-Purpose-Model planning - "how performant does my model need to be?"

  • Data Planning - What data will I need?

  • Analytic Planning - What Analytical approaches are most appropriate?

  • Infrastructure Planning - What infrastructure will we need?

  • Interface Design - What will my output look like? 

  • Value Measurement Design - How will we measure Value, Performance & Usability?

  • Agile for Analytics planning 

Module 5:  Develop: Execute with Focus


In the Develop Module, you learn how to execute with laser focus. Our Agile for Analytics approach teaches you how to manage the iterative/exploratory nature of the model building whilst coordinating and aligning with the supporting and dependant processes. Supporting and dependant processes include data engineering, process design, domain & subject matter input, infrastructure design & planning, testing, and measurement.

Module 5 classes:

  • Agile for Analytics - Specific Agile Method for Analytics

  • What we need to consider in DEV Infrastructure

  • Data Development

  • Analytic Development

  • Outcome Optimisation / Prescription potential

  • Insight Curation 

  • Interface Development

  • Process Design & Engineering

  • Initiative MVP testing

Module 6:  Test & Refine: Value, Performance, Usability

In the Test & Refine Module, you will learn how to cycle through several Develop and Test phases.  You will learn how testing and feedback to drive refinements that enhance value creation, usability, and performance levels. You will learn to test three specific things. The first is the ability of the initiative to achieve value creation as defined in commercial terms (often controlled testing). The second is usability by the intended audience for the decisions they need to make. The third looks at two components, can IT support this at the scale and how will we maintain and control the performance of the model over time.

Module 6 classes:

  • What we need to consider in TEST Infrastructure

  • How to Test & Learn – Value

  • How to Test & Learn – Usability

  • How to Test & Learn – Performance

  • How to Plan for Deployment across People, Process & Technology

Module 7:  Deploy: People | Process | Technology | Value

In the Deploy Module, you will learn how to deploy a tested and refined initiative as the final solution. You will learn methods for implementing optimized processes, training users, operationalizing data & analytic pipelines, releasing interfaces & insight consumption points, and how to turn on value & performance measurement.  

Module 7 classes:

  • What we need to consider in PRODUCTION Infrastructure

  • Deploy Process

  • Deploy People (train & on-board)

  • Deploy Data Ops

  • Deploy Analytic Ops

  • Deploy Insight Ops

  • Deploy Value & Performance Framework

Module 8:  Measure: Agents of Measurement

In the Agents of Measurement Module, you will learn the importance of robust scientifically measuring the performance of your initiatives.  You will learn how to communicate value creation through your business and how to use insights from robust measurement to drive organisational strategy 

Module 8 classes:

  • Why Measurement is the basis of the Analytics-empowered organisation

  • Scientific Measurement methods for reporting Value in commercial terms

  • How to report incremental Value in commercial organisations

  • How to using Analytically driven insight to drive Organisational Strategy

Module 9:  Improve: Value, Performance, Usability

In the Improve Module, you will learn how to leverage measured performance metrics to understand how to continuously improve the business outcome.  You will also learn how analytical measurement of performance helps us understand drivers of growth, decline, risk, and more, and it through these insights that we prioritize future enhancement & developments of the deployed solution.

Module 9 classes:

  • How to Measure & continuously Improve Value creation 

  • How to Measure & continuously Improve Model Performance 

  • How to Measure & continuously Improve Usability of Insights

  • Creating the AI-powered Organisation.

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