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How to Design, Develop and Deploy a Data & Analytics-powered Insight Strategy, and Operate a high-performance practice in your business.

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Almost every organisation today is looking to drive performance step-change through the adoption of advanced technologies like AI & Machine Learning.  The inSight.Strategy course is designed to provide you with the tools, methods & insight you need to define, develop, deploy and operate a high-performance Analytics & Insights powered program in your business. 

Our inSight.Strategy course takes you through our methods and frameworks for building your inSights practice from the ground up.


We teach you our five Pillar method for Establishing, Enabling and Embedding your Analytics and Insight program into your business.

Module 1Understanding the Insights Lifecycle 

In Module 1 we take you through the high-level end-to-end life cycle of designing a Data, Analytics & Insights strategy and deploying and managing a successful & profitable program.  We provide definition and insight into some of the key things you will need to understand.  We also provide an overview of the responsibilities and qualities a Data, Analytics & Insights leader will need to have 

Module 1:  Classes

  • The Data, Analytics & Insights Life cycle - end-to-end

  • Understanding the Buzz words (AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc)

  • Products v Commercial Insights v Automation

  • Understanding your role as a Data, Analytics & Insights leader

Module 2:  Achieving Strategic Alignment

"Right-sizing your strategy starts with understanding the business strategy"

Learn unique ways to frame the businesses strategy and then translate that understanding into a series of prioritised high-impact Data, Analytic & Insight based Initiatives.

Learn structured & highly effective ways to frame business problems ready for your focused execution and maximum impact 

Module 2:  Classes:

  • Framing the Business Strategy

  • Understanding Commercial Intent

  • Building Insight Based Value Propositions

  • Prioritising Insight Initiatives

  • *Framing business problems in a structured way for Data Scientists

Module 3:  Understanding & Aligning Skillsets

"Recruit the right skillset to deliver maximum impact.  Design the right team structure for specific needs"

Understand the many different roles and responsibilities required in a Data, Analytics & Insights program.  Learn how to assess the level of existing capability in your business.  Based on what your programs will deliver align the skills you will need with the skillsets your program needs.

Module 3: Classes:

  • Understanding the Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assessing skill sets in your business

  • Aligning skill sets to your Data, Analytics & Insight Initiatives

  • Designing your team structure

Module 3:  Understanding & Aligning Technology

"Right-size your investment in technology, through implementing the technologies you need when you need them" 

Understand the different technologies that are available, what they do and why/if you would need them in your program.  Learn to rapidly assess the available technology in your business and assess if they suitable for your program.  Based on what your program will deliver align the technologies you will need with the needs of your program.

Module 4: Classes:

  • Understanding different Data, Analytics & Insights technologies 

  • Assess existing technologies in your business

  • Aligning the right technologies to your Insight Initiatives

  • Designing your technology Eco-system 

  • Engaging with Vendors

Module 5:  Designing your Operating Model

"Put the right governance and operating structures in place to ensure sustainable performance and growth of your program"

Understand the different types of operating structures that exist for Data, Analytics & Insights programs.  Learn the different ways that you can govern and manage your program.  Learn how you will need forge relationships across the business to succeed.  Align the operating structure of your program with the needs of your program.

Learn how to measure benefits, communicate success, and provide a compelling vision for your program

Module 5: Classes:

  • Understand different operating structure designs 

  • Building governance structures for your program

  • Understanding the role of Data Governance & Information Management

  • Managing the relationship with IT

  • Designing the right operating model for your needs

  • Designing your benefits measurement framework

  • Playing the Data, Analytics & Insights Evangelist 

Module 6:  Putting it all Together - Growth Horizon

"Establish, Enable and Embed"

Learn how to structure the deployment and implementation of your program over Three Horizons of Growth.  Set yourself up for success through delivering incremental value while position for transformative growth and step-change through Data, Analytics & Insights 

Module 6:  Classes:

  • Horizon 1:  Establish your capability

  • Horizon 2:  Enable Sustainable Value Creation

  • Horizon 3:  Embedding a Data-Driven culture

Module 7:  Managing a High-Performance Insights Program

"Create and managed a high-performance culture"

Learn to rigorously manage the execution of both your program and your initiatives.  Learn how to recruit for success and some useful tips for bringing in the right people for your team's culture.

Gain insight into how to be a successful, high-impact  leader

Module 7:  Classes:

  • Building your Focused Execution model 

  • Executing through the Insights Value Chain 

  • Recruiting for Success

  • Managing for Success