We help commercial organisations build and deploy strategies for high-performance Data, Analytics, Insights & AI programs 

At inGenious inSight, our core offering is helping commercial organisations build AI, Analytics & Insights, and Data strategies.  Having built, deployed, managed and scaled high-performance Analytics & Insight practises over many years, we specialise in developing strategies that are aligned to your business needs.  We leverage our proprietary frameworks and methodologies for right-sizing the strategy and ensuring that it is aligned with what your business needs and what your business can implement and deploy.  

Analytics & Insights Strategy

"Build, Deploy and Scale a high-performance Analytics and Insights capability in your business"

Leverage Data & Analytic driven Insight to enhance decision-making and super-charge value creation in your Business 

Analytics & Insights Strategy

Are you looking to:

  • Build an Analytics & Insights strategy for your business?

  • Reinvigorate your existing Analytics & Insights strategy to improve performance?

  • Scale your existing Analytics & Insights program?

  • Review your existing Strategy or Program against our better practise methodology?

Through our extensive experience, better practise methodologies and frameworks inGenious inSight is ideally positioned to help you build the Analytics & Insights strategy that is right for your business.

AI Strategy 

"Build your AI vision and start your AI journey"

Leverage Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Technologies to transform your business


AI Strategy

Are you a business that is thinking differently about your future?  Are you thinking about how you can leverage transformative technologies to reshape your business, create new avenues for value creation, create new blue oceans, or stave-off the market & competitive threats?   Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies provide significant potential for any organisation.  Are looking to:

  • Understand how AI could help your business in the future?

  • Build an AI Vision & Strategy for your business?

  • Pilot and incubate AI & Cognitive Technologies in your business?

  • Accelerate your AI program at your business?

inGenious.AI.Strategy is designed to help businesses create a Vision for AI, incubate high-value potential AI uses cases and then scale your AI strategy & program when the time is right for your business.

Data Strategy


"A Product Strategy for your Data Assets"

Create commercial value through the  monetization of your Data assets


Data Strategy

Are you realising the FULL Value from the Data your business produces and owns?

We are often asked by businesses:

  • Is our Data valuable?

  • How much is our Data worth?

  • Could we monetize our Data assets?

  • How would we monetize our Data assets? 

inGenious.Data.Strategy is a program that looks to identify Data assets of value within your business and turn those assets into profitable commercial products that can be sold to target markets.