Training courses for AI & Insight Leaders

For over 20 years the team at inGenious inSight has built, refined and tested methodologies and frameworks for delivering value creation through data & analytic driven insight. Almost every organisation today is looking to supercharging their performance through the adoption of advanced technology like AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Analytics. Whilst the potential is significant the realisation of value has been challenging for most organisations.  The reason for this is that achieving step-change in performance and value creation through analytically driven insight is about way more than technology. Over many years and across hundreds of initiatives we have learned what it takes to get from a Great idea to a deployed solution that enhances decision-making and create real measured value for an organisation.

We believe that there are two key areas that businesses need to get right ...

  1. Better Strategies on how to Establish, Enable and Embed data & analytic driven insight - inSight.Strategy

  2. End-to-end execution capability that includes the full Insight Value Chain within an organisation and not just the Data & Analytics lifecycle. inSight.Manager

Learning Frameworks


At inGenious.inSight.Learning we share our proven successful methodologies & frameworks for building, deploying and operating Data, Analytics and Insights programs.

We leverage structured frameworks, unique visual-based learning methods, provide masterclasses with industry leaders and provide high-performance insights.

It is our mission to provide our community with the tools, mindset and methods to become technology leaders in their business.

Structured Framework Based Approaches

Each Module is based on structured frameworks.  We take you through step by step how to complete each step of the process.


We preach practise over theory

Visual Based Learning Approach

Visual based learning methods significantly increases the ability of humans to understand complex subject matter and retain knowledge. 

Each module is present using Visual learning techniques.

Make it easy to understand and remember  

High-Performance Ethos

Based on a combination of high-performance lessons from both the business and sporting worlds we reinforce a High-Performance mindset of how to set and achieve target outcomes.


Become the next great technical leader in your business

inGenious.inSight.Learning - Courses

STRATEGY: inSight.Strategy 

How to build an Analytics & Insights Strategy for your Business


A comprehensive course that takes you through the complete life-cycle of how to design, deploy and manage a high-performance, profit-generating Analytics powered Insights strategy & program in that is right-sized for your business.

At the end of this course, you will have the tools you need to lead your businesses journey to successful value creation through Analytics powered Insights.   

Course Overview

  • Module 1:  Understanding the Analytics & Insights Lifecycle

  • Module 2: Achieving Strategic Alignment

  • Module 3: Understanding & Aligning required Skillsets 

  • Module 4: Understanding & Aligning required Technology

  • Module 5: Understand Data Governance & Information Management 

  • Module 6: Designing the right Operating Model

  • Module 7: Putting it all together - Growth Horizons 

  • Module 8: Managing a High-Performance Analytics & Insights Program

IMPLEMENT:  inSight.Manager  

Delivering successful Analytics powered Insights Initiatives in your business 


Are you struggling to deliver quantifiable value creation through your analytics and insights initiatives?  This course will provide everything you need to  know to start super-charging value creation in your business

We take you through our proprietary end-to-end methodology for defining, developing and deploying AI-powered analytic & insight initiatives in commercial organisations. 

Course Overview

  • Module 1:  the Insights Value Chain  

  • Module 2:  ALIGN: Achieving Strategic Alignment for your initiative

  • Module 3: DEFINE:  Structured Problem framing for Analytics 

  • Module 4: PLAN & DESIGN: Right-sizing your Analytics-powered Initiative

  • Module 5: DEVELOP: Executing with focus 

  • Module 6:  TEST & REFINE:  Test Value, Usability, Performance of your initiative

  • Module 7: DEPLOY:  Deploy your AI initiative across People, Process, Technology

  • Module 8: MEASURE:  Agents of Measurement

  • Module 9: IMPROVE:  Enabling the Analytics & Insights powered organisation

Course Details